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Recently two of our free WordPress plugins were updated: Post Status Notifier Lite (PSN Lite) and AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA1).

Post Status Notifier Lite Update

PSN Lite has been upgraded to the development status of the premium version. This includes some bugfixes but also new options. For example, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) improved support for custom fields and introduced a new post status “Not scheduled”. The latter helps to set up notification rules for scheduled posts. Furthermore, the process was optimized to check whether a rule applies. All details about the update can found in PSN Lite’s changelog.

The free Post Status Notifier Lite for WordPress is available on

AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA1) Update

ASA1 has also received an extensive update that focuses on optimizing requests to the Amazon Product Advertising API. This can greatly improve the loading speed of a WordPress page using ASA1. The extended caching behavior, which uses a random value to ensure different caching lifetimes, also contributes to this.

All details about the ASA1 update can be found in this blog post: ASA1 optimizes requests to the Amazon Product Advertising API.