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Today two events of our WordPress plugin “Post Status Notifier” coincided: Sale number 666 and the release of update 1.8.4! Well, the update is not really a big deal, but rather the 666th sale. We are very proud about the increasing number of customers who trust in our premium plugin for WordPress post status notifications. It certainly deserves the recognition, as it surely is one of the most flexible, feature rich and stable WordPress post notifiers on the market.

Post Status Notifer 666 downloads

Post Status Notifer 666 downloads

Update 1.8.4 is a service release that bring some new placeholders. Our customer syntax53 (thanks!) noted, that placeholder [post_categories] contains a list of category names, instead of the slugs what he thought. So we created new placeholders especially for the slugs:

  • [post_categories_slugs] A comma separated string of category slugs attached to the post
  • [post_categories_slugs_array] A list of category slugs attached to the post

And the same for the tags placeholders:

  • [post_tags_slugs] A comma separated string of tag slugs attached to the post
  • [post_tags_slugs_array] A list of tag slugs attached to the post

Another user was facing issues on a WordPress multisite update with more than 200 sites. He ran into a timeout. That is, because PSN is multisite compatible and has to handle every single site on an update. This can take some time depending on the update actions. The new version is better prepared for such heavy tasks, as it resets the PHP maximum execution timeout before a single network site will be updated. Now the job has 30 seconds time for each site which should be more than enough and it will not run into a timeout any more.

We hope you like PSN as we do. Check out the CodeCanyon page, read the compreshensive documentation or get an overview about what you can do with it in the new YouTube video.

Video Preview

If you have any ideas or suggestions about how to improve PSN, please tell us in the comments.

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