How to collect log messages across multiple classes or functions in WordPress plugins or themes.

This is a lightweight way that I like to use to collect log texts in my WordPress plugins across different classes and methods involved in a process. The advantage of this is that it uses WordPress internal functionality, namely the Action API. To create log messages it uses the do_action function and to collect these messages it […]

WordPress Plugin Updates: Post Status Notifier Lite and ASA1

Recently two of our free WordPress plugins were updated: Post Status Notifier Lite (PSN Lite) and AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA1). Post Status Notifier Lite Update PSN Lite has been upgraded to the development status of the premium version. This includes some bugfixes but also new options. For example, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) improved support for custom fields […]

666 Post Status Notifier sales and new update to version 1.8.4

Today two events of our WordPress plugin “Post Status Notifier” coincided: Sale number 666 and the release of update 1.8.4! Well, the update is not really a big deal, but rather the 666th sale. We are very proud about the increasing number of customers who trust in our premium plugin for WordPress post status notifications. […]

How to find out which WordPress hooks (actions and filters) apply on a page / post

When I am developing a theme or plugin for WordPress, I often have to deal with the so called hooks, more precisely “actions” and “filters”. There are a ton of those hooks in the WordPress core, giving the developer the ability to add custom functionality or output. The difficult part with WordPress hooks, at least […]

Notify about events with WordPress plugin Post Status Notifier

For one of our projects ( we use, a Calendar plugin for WordPress by RightHere. It is a popular premium calendar plugin available on CodeCanyon. It has very cool features, is extensible and has a very modern user interface supporting AJAX requests for smoothly loading your event data. But one thing was missing for […]

Notify about payments from Crowdfunding by Astoundify with Post Status Notifier

“Crowdfunding by Astoundify” is a great plugin if you want to create a Crowdfunding website based on WordPress. Once you have set up everything and your site is online, you’ll probably want to be informed about new campaigns or payments. This can all be handled by our plugin “Post Status Notifier” with which you can easily […]