What features do we offer?

Quality WordPress Plugins

Because we love to work with WordPress, we love to customize it. The best way to achieve this, is by creating plugins. Thanks to our powerful framework we create the boilerplate for new plugins within seconds. Our framework encases the predominantly procedural approaches of WordPress in an easy to (re)use object-oriented fashion. This makes our work with WordPress even more fun! If you are looking for a reliable developer to realize your own ideas, you should get in contact with us or check our available plugins.

Custom WordPress Websites

WordPress has become a very flexible but still usable content management system. Our customers love the easy to use backend which is completely adaptable to their needs. For us as developers it is important, that each layout and technique can be implemented. The community is huge and offers many plugins to extend the functionality of your site. And if we do not find a proper plugin, we create it for you. (more…)

What people think of us

We had a very specific client who needed to email hundreds of users at very specific times – finding out how flexible PSN was out of the box, and how great the support was, saved us days of coding. 10/10, should definitely charge more :)

“Herr Reith war für die Erstellung eines WordPress-Plugins zur automatischen Datenaktualisierung ein kompetenter Partner. Die Umsetzung unserer Wünsche war perfekt und seine Erfahrung hat dazu beigetragen, dass das Ergebnis seiner Arbeit ausgezeichnet funktioniert und unseren Arbeitsaufwand im täglichen Geschäft effektiv reduziert. Dank der symphatischen Art des Herrn Reith, der professionellen Arbeitsweise und der schnellen Kommunikation war die Zusammenarbeit sehr angenehm.”