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“Crowdfunding by Astoundify” is a great plugin if you want to create a Crowdfunding website based on WordPress. Once you have set up everything and your site is online, you’ll probably want to be informed about new campaigns or payments. This can all be handled by our plugin “Post Status Notifier” with which you can easily set up custom notification rules for all kind of Custom Post Types in WordPress.

Pending Campaigns Notifications

Lets start with notifying about new submitted campaigns. Once a user has submitted a new campaign, it will be stored with status “Pending” and you or your co-workers will have to review and publish it. We have to set up a notification rule which matches this case. This is straight forward: create a new notification rule, set the Post Type to “Campaigns”, Status before to “New” and Status after to “Pending Review”, done! This rule will match every submitted campaign. You can customize the email texts of course, e.g. embed the placeholder [post_title] which represents the campaign’s title. Use [post_editlink] to provide the permalink to the backend editor where the reviewer can directly publish the campaign.

If you only want to notify campaigns which are attached to certain categories you can use Post Status Notifier’s “Category filter”feature. To only send notifications if the submitters is a member of a certain user role, you can benefit of Post Status Notifier’s feature “Editor restriction”. To test the new notification rule, set Crowdfunding by Astoundify’s option “Test Payment”, set Post Status Notifier’s logger option “Create informational log entry when a rule matches a status transition”  and submit a test campaign. You’ll get an additional log entry covering all available placeholders you can use to improve your notification emails (see the screenshot below).

Notify about payments

When a campaign is online, it would be nice to get notifications about payments. This can be handled by Post Status Notifier too. Create a new notification rule and set the Post Type to “Payments”, Status before to Pending Review and Status after to “Published”. The placeholder [post_title] keeps the name of the buyer and [post_custom_field-_edd_payment_total] the payment total.


I hope that this blog post illustrates how you can use Post Status Notifer’s flexible rule settings to notify about new contents created by “Crowdfunding by Astoundify”. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Of course Post Status Notifier works with any kind of WordPress Custom Post Type. To check out all the features, visit Post Status Notifier’s plugin homepage.

You can download the export file of the rules created in this post on Post Status Notifier’s resources page.