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Since the first release of our Post Status Notifier plugin for WordPress end of May 2013 it has been updated and improved regularly. Not only bugs and problems got solved but some great new features have been implemented. I want to thank all those users who gave us feedback and new ideas for improving PSN.

One great feature, suggested by Mauro from Argentina, is the SMTP mode. It allows you to use a SMTP server to send your mails which is not possible by default with WordPress. Especially when it comes to sending very much emails you will be happy to have the SMTP option.

Another great new feature is the possibility to select user roles as recipient including all custom roles of your WordPress installation. This gives us much more flexibility in customizing the notification rules. This was suggested by Tim from New York.

Furthermore we got the Bcc field to setup bcc emails as recipients and the plugin is fully WordPess multisite compatible now. The general compatibility with PHP/MySQL and different WordPress versions has been highly improved since PSN’s release¬† and we do not get technical error reports any more.


But you may be assured – we will not rest on our laurels as we see more helpful features for PSN. The next new pro feature we will be working on is HTML emails. This will allow us to send beautiful notification emails with the site logo, colors etc. to our editors or subsribers.

We hope you still like to use Post Status Notifier for WordPress. If you have ideas how to improve it, please let us know.

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